Change Management

Developing a Change Management Effectiveness Workshop

Developing a Change Management Effectiveness Workshop

One of the key life competencies required of people today is the ability to anticipate and respond effectively to change. By using effective change agent skills, individuals will be able to lead themselves and others in implementing actions that enable vision to become reality.

So how do you become an effective change agent?

When faced with this question the response is usually directed to the qualities/values of a good change agent… or the process and competencies that are needed to produce an effective change agent. Both aspects are important, but let’s look for a moment at how to develop a Change Management Effectiveness Workshop that concentrates on the process and competencies of a change agent.

The Process of Change Management

To develop this workshop you could use something like the Change Management Skill Builder Booklet to introduce leaders to a framework that provides consistency for both them and those they lead. It covers areas like:

  • Identifying key issues that relate to coping with and managing change
  • Involving all the stakeholders affected by the change situation
  • Informing and keeping people who are affected by change up-to-date
  • Initiating the actions that are usually needed to manage change
  • Implementing a robust and ongoing communication plan
  • Reviewing areas of resistance so that these can be effectively managed 

Change Management Competencies

Change Management is composed of a number of different competencies, or puzzle pieces. If all these pieces are not in place the effectiveness of the leader as a change agent will be limited. To develop this aspect you could use something like the Change Management Effectiveness Profile to assess the strengths and weaknesses in the following competencies:

  • Proactive thinking
  • Organisation for change
  • Involving others
  • Visioning the future
  • Communicating clearly
  • Breaking from the past
  • Consolidating new learning

Where to start…

Start with yourself

The greatest myth is ‘I have arrived’. The landscape is always changing and leaders are always facing new problems and new possibilities, so never stop growing your skills.

Why not engage a coach who will be able to guide you in developing both the process and competencies of a change agent. It may be the best investment you can make in yourself as a leader.

Run a workshop

Invest some time in your current and potential leaders and guide them through both the process and competencies of change, as well as introduce them to some self development resources for their further growth.

Colin Noyes

Colin is the Director of ResourceZone International. He is a recognized authority in areas like coaching, leadership development, team building, church health and growth and multiplication movements. He can be reached at

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